Photojournalism 2

Please note there is a mandatory portfolio review to gain access to this programme and a limited numbers of places. It is very competitive to get into the programme, so make sure you have the required qualifications to this programme before applying.

Duration: 1 semester
Study mode and credits: Full-time, 30 ECTS
Course Start: Mid August and end of January
Location: Campus Aarhus
Deadlines for application: April 1 and October 1.

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This advanced photojournalism programme offers you a chance to study in Denmark with a class of Danish students of photojournalism. The programme focuses on advanced visual storytelling.

Course aims

As a result of this semester you can achieve the following:

  • Learn new ways of using photojournalism. 
  • Learn how to combine theory about photojournalism with practical work. 
  • Work on a project with other photojournalists.

Visual project including workshops: 15 ECTS

Final project / Bachelor project: 15 ECTS

TOTAL for one semester full course load: 30 ECTS

Advanced undergraduate. Students must have a minimum of two years training and/or experience in journalism/ photojournalism or passed the Photojournalism 1 semester course.

All applicants send in applications and portfolios. All applicants are individually assessed via portfolio, and please note that photo 1 graduates are not automatically admitted.

You must have a high level in English. Danish School of Media and Journalism 8 semester photo journalism students participate in the programme.

We offer 10 places for international students who study together with Danish photojournalism 8th semester students.

You do NOT have to pay tuition fee if you are:

  • an exchange student

The tuition fee is 4400 € per semester for this course

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