Media Production and Management

Be prepared for project management work in the mobile and TV- and film industry + learn how to optimize processes to work smarter.

  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Study mode: Full-time
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Level: Advanced undergraduate
  • Programme Start: End of January
  • Location: Campus Copenhagen

Application deadline: October 1.

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Your benefits:

  • Learn about video production, the phases in a typical workflow, from planning to production and distribution.
  • Improve your management skills; learn how to work smarter through analysis and optimization of processes.
  • Empower yourself as a project manager by getting an overview of the cross media productions, market players and technologies
  • Strengthen your future career by becoming part of a network of project managers from all over the world.

Programme structure:

Course 1: Video Production Management (10ECTS)

Motion pictures are growing in importance in a number of digital media industries. In this course, we prepare students for project management and production management in the traditional TV- and film industry, as well as video production for the web and mobile media.

The students will learn about the phases in a typical workflow and value stream, from planning to production and distribution. This includes planning and budgeting, production and post-production, legal issues and distribution. The course also includes a hands on workshop on producing video content for the web.

The course is graded by the ECTS scale, internal censorship. The final grade is calculated as follows:

  • 50% is determined by the grade given to an written assignment
  • 50% is determined by the grade given to a project assignment

Course 2: Continuous improvement (10 ECTS)

This course is focusing on Lean Management. Both as independent concepts and in interaction with other Management Systems (e.g. ISO 9001).

Since the 1990s we have heard about LEAN. More and more organizations claim that they have implemented LEAN. Even small production companies and advertising agencies seem to understand the opportunities with LEAN.

It is the intention that the student must obtain a qualified overview and understanding of the key Lean principles that exist in these areas. The intention is that the student must be able to analyze and consider the applicability of these in a given company, so that the students can fulfil a role as change agent / responsible for the implementation and / or maintenance of such management systems.


  • The course is graded by the ECTS scale, internal censorship
  • The grading will be based on three individual submitted written papers.

Course 3: Cross Media (10 ECTS)

Cross Media Productions (CMP) are becoming increasingly important in all disciplines of strategic communication. Managing the convergence of various media channels and platforms is however still an evolving field of practice. How can you communicate a message clearly and consistent across: web, mobile, social and video? How do you exploit the various strengths of different media channels to attain synergy in a fashion that increases both reach the lifetime of a campaign? How do you develop concepts, which offer the user a clear pay off, for instance motivating a shift of traffic from social media to a company website? How do you use data insights to inform campaign decisions? These and many more questions are vital when planning Cross Media Productions and concepts.


  • The course is graded by the ECTS scale, external censorship. Students have to submit a written group report and will be required to present and defend their report at an individual oral exam. The exam is 20 minutes duration including voting.

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Learning environment

  • You will learn through lectures, discussions, projects, business cases, and guest speakers when applicable.
  • Assignments are typically ‘real’ cases linked to relevant business relations, which ensures that problem solving and solutions are synchronized with the needs and requirements of the professional world.
  • Classes are mixed with Danish and international students. You will work in groups or individually depending on the assignment.

Requirements and tuition
To apply for this programme you must have:

  • good knowledge of the processes involved in the value chain of media production - print and web
  • a good command of the English language, both written and oral.

You do NOT have to pay tuition fee if you are:

The tuition fee is 4500 € for this programme.

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