Foto: Anders Hviid

Maria Eitzinger

Phd-studerende i Medieadfærd

Afdeling: Forskning og Viden
Telefon: 89 440 514
Mobil: 53 83 33 01

I am an anthropologist and Ph.D scholar inscribed at Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.

My Ph.D project investigates the shifting production and consumption practice of media content in a more and more digitalized world.

Technological disruption has changed means of production and consumption, which is why I have been looking at how consumers create prosumption (producing and consuming) strategies in an age of information overload.

The field of research contains the investigation of two field sites: local media production and the consumption practice of young families with kids in rural Denmark (“old media”) and Danish fashion and lifestyle bloggers and their followers on blogs and Instagram. (“new media”)

Maria Eitzinger på UC Viden (professionshøjskolernes videndatabase)


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