Senior researcher (Docent), strategic communication

Strategic communication is utmost important in contemporary society. Media, corporations, organizations, and political actors are all part of an increasingly communicating society where the ability to communicate professionally and trustworthy is pivotal for success. Strategic communication is important on a daily basis as well as in critical situations, like crises and firestorms, where the organization’s survival might be at stake. As the Danish School of Media and Journalism each year educate a large number of future employees in media and organisations, we want to further strengthen our research and teaching within the field, combining state-of-the-art research with engaged and inspired teaching.

Stilling: Senior researcher (Docent), strategic communication
Sidste frist: 13.12.2018

We are searching for a senior researcher (Docent) who has the abilities and the drive to play a leading role in the development of strategic communication as an area of research, and who can expand the professional level of this area as an independent teaching and research field. Among our needs is the ambition to create a common language on communication, both in our study programmes and in the industries for which our students are trained.

You may be the right candidate for the job if you:
• meet the qualification requirements for a Docent position as described below
• have extensive experience with strategic communication as a research field and the desire to influence the research in this area - with a focus on the application-oriented projects
• have skills to conduct research into strategic communication and bring your knowledge into play in order to strengthen our students, our professional environment, our partners and future companies and society
• may create projects with internal and external partners and contribute to securing external funding. We are a university college and collaborate with both internal and external partners as part of our DNA
• participate actively in creating and developing an fruitful interdisciplinary research environment
• act as a bridge-builder across the institution's study programmes, and can combine the concept of communication with the activities of the school and put it in a didactic context
• can create good relations both internally and externally and engage in a close dialogue with the school's employer industries.

Your main responsibilities and tasks will be:
• teaching and development of teaching within strategic communication on basic and further and continuing education level, including continued academic and pedagogical-didactic development of study programmes
• responsibility for research and development activities in relation to the development of study programmes, the institution's practice as well as the industry or profession
• r responsibility for developing collaboration with industries and professions
• responsibility for cooperation with relevant research environments, both nationally and internationally

Qualification requirements:
Appointment as Docent assumes that you are holding a PhD degree or are able to demonstrate an equivalent level. Equivalent qualification level may be achieved through a combination of formal education and relevant practical experience. In the assessment of the applicant's qualification, commercial employment may be included.

You must:
• be able to independently plan, manage, and evaluate research and development activities relevant for the industry or profession
• possess documented, application-oriented knowledge, including both theoretical and practical knowledge at a high level of the industry or profession in order to able to independently develop new knowledge within the industry or profession.

In the assessment of qualified applicants decisive emphasis will be put on documented teaching experience and teaching development the applicant is highly qualified in terms of communicating theory and incorporating practice as well as in relation to combine theory and practice in the context of industry or profession.

The department:
The Docent position is anchored in the Research Department (Forskning og Viden) where currently ten researchers are employed within their field of media and communication research. The open position, however, addresses our Communication Programme and the Docent is expected to work closely together with the educational team.

Our approach to research is mainly application and business-oriented. All our researchers teach, participate in joint projects and are involved in development projects with external stakeholders.

Pay and employment conditions
This is a permanent position as Docent, which is to be filled as soon as possible.

The appointment will take place in accordance with Ministerial Order No. 1065 of 04/07/2016.
Appointment as senior researcher requires positive Docent assessment of the assessment committee set up in connection with the appointment, please refer to Ministerial Order No. 1227 of 23/10/2018.

Salary and employment terms are fixed in accordance with the applicable collective agreement between the Ministry of finance and the relevant trade organisation. In addition, the remuneration will depend on your level of competence with the option of negotiating individual supplements in accordance with the principles of the "new pay".

DMJX has campuses in both Aarhus and Copenhagen and you are expected to be present in both campuses for teaching and other activities which will require a not insignificant extent of travelling between the two campuses.

Do you want to know more?
If you have questions about the position or the assessment procedure or if you would like more information, please feel free to contact Vibeke Borberg, Head of Research Department, on Tel. 29 29 00 89.

For the assessment, please attach the following material for your application:
• CV containing documentation of education as well as information on teaching experience, research communication and practical experience from the relevant industries or innovation projects.
• list of publications.
• minimum of three and a maximum of five publications that you want to submit for assessment.

The application attached appendices are sent to marked "Docent of strategic communication" by Thursday 13. December 2018. Alternatively, you can send it by post in 4 copies to:

The Danish School of media and journalism
Olof Palmes Allé 11
DK-8200 Aarhus N
Attn: "Lise Nikolajsen."

All interested parties, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply for the position.

For the assessment of the qualifications of applicants for a position as Docent, Rector put together for an assessment committee of three persons who are not employed or is a Board member at the school of business. The Rector also stipulates a deadline for submission of the Committee's assessment.
When we have received your application, you will be informed about the further process, including the assessment Committee's composition.

Interviews are expected to be held in the beginning of march 2019.

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