Photographic Communication

Take your communicative photography further with this semester of intense creative training.

Please note there is a mandatory portfolio review to gain access to this programme and a limited numbers of places. It is very competitive to get into the programme, so make sure you have the required qualifications to this programme before applying.

  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Study mode: Full-time
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Level: Advanced undergraduate
  • Programme Start: End of January
  • Location: Campus Copenhagen

Application deadline: October 1.

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Your benefits:

  • Empower yourself as a professional photographer creating aesthetic photographs and moving images in advertising, corporate communication, fashion and editorial publication.
  • Improve your photographic skills and academic approach to visual communication by using theory, methods and practice from multiple genres such as strategic branding, design research and innovation projects.
  • Become a part of an open-minded and creative study environment with Danish and international students.

Programme structure:


Course 1: Photography in Branding (5 ECTS)
Branding and marketing of products and services. Choose branding perspective and develop brand architecture and touch points on the basis of research and analysis of competitors, markets and customers. During the course, you will develop a communication strategy and use it as instrument when creating visuals in practice in corporate communication.

Course 2: Photography and film in visual identity and corporate communication (5 ECTS)
Creating images and films for visual identity to visualize the values of the business. You will develop a strategic branding platform executed with a visual identity that captures, describes and illustrate a potential customer’s/company's core product and services in an authentic way.

Course 3: Fashion and Editorial (10 ECTS)
Communicate in still photography and moving images in fashion and editorials. Get basic knowledge of the editorial work; how to receive and give a brief and gain insight into the fashion- and editorial tradition. By the end of the course you will develop a communication concept in editorial photography.

Course 4: Innovation and Design research (5 ECTS)
Understand and apply the methods and principles that make it possible to work with innovative visual products based on design thinking and research.

Course 5: Communication theory and exams (5 ECTS)
Develop creative solutions within photography and moving images on the basis of analysis and strategic choices in relation to the market, positioning, message, target groups, sender and user scenarios. The course ends with an exam where you apply theory, method and practice to develop a communication concept with accompanying photographic communication solutions.

Learning environment
Learning-by-doing in a studio-based learning environment is central in the teaching. Presentations of theories and methods are followed by practical experiments and exercises.

Assignments are typically ‘real’ cases linked to relevant business relations, which ensures that problem solving and solutions are synchronized with the needs and requirements of the professional world. All assignments have relevance for your portfolio.

Class size is approx. 24 students. Classes are mixed with Danish and international students. You will work in groups or individually depending on the assignment.

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Requirements and tuition
To apply for this programme you must have:

  • completed at least 1,5 years on a photography/moving picture/visual program.
  • a portfolio.
  • a digital SLR camera
  • a good visual imagination and be curious and creative
  • a good command of the English language, both written and oral.

You do NOT have to pay tuition fee if you are:

The tuition fee is 5200 € for this programme.

Download Study Guide: Photographic Communication (PDF)

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