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Final projects made by international and Danish students attending the course Journalism, Multimedia and World Politics.

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Projects from May 2013:

Malta water Crisis
by Joséphine Simar, Sweden
With already extremely scarce freshwater supplies, Malta is facing a possible future without useful groundwater. Due to illegal groundwater extraction, Malta might have to rely totally on technology to provide freshwater in the future.

A look into the EU seed law reform
by Isabelle Gheldolf, Belgium and Marie-Josée Kelly, Canada
As a result of growing pressure from agricultural activists against DG Sanco’s draft proposal for new regulation of seed marketing, the latest proposal, adopted on May 6, offers a number of exemptions that take into consideration small players in the agri-food chain.

Hate crimes in Greece
by Mette-Sofie Holst Sommer, Denmark
In the heart of economic crisis, the number of attacks on immigrants in Athens has increased dramatically during the past two years.
Academic suggests that this is due to the rising popularity of neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.
The Council of Europe urges Greece to take action.

All-day school
by Anders Godtfred-Rasmussen and Stefan Sigaard Weichert, Denmark
Danish sport organizations fear for the members in the danish sport clubs if the danish government implement the all-day school, but German results indicate that it might be without reason.

The 28th state
by Niels Anton Heilskov and Lasse Skou Andersen, Denmark
On the 1st of july, Croatia will join the EU. The country has been heavily criticized by the EU for its bad economy and lack of reforms, but eyes possibilities for growth. 

By Hana Afifi, Egypt and Rasha Abou Dargham, Lebanon

Some people prefer to take their lives before their house is taken. While the Spanish economy is collapsing and the banking system tries to survive on mortgages, the evicted are rather concerned with a shelter and cannot pay their debts while living on the streets.

Gendered Cuts - fighting for fairness
by Åsa Secher, Sweden
The UK has experienced the most extensive cuts in public services spending not seen since World War II. Economists and women's rights organisations have criticized the cuts for disproportionally affecting women. Some might even say the government is trying to force women back to the kitchen.

Denmark in Slow-Motion
by Frauke Konzak, Germany
Everybody hears about climate change and says that it is necessary to act now to prepare – but little has happened so far. Denmark is no exception.

Lithuanian emmigrants in Denmark
by Ieva Sliziute
More and more Lithuanians pack up to live in Denmark. How are they living here? Are they happy? What do they miss the most from Lithuania?

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Site developed during a workshop with focus on the EU

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