Graphic Design

Challenge yourself as a graphic designer with this semester of intense creative training

Please note there is a mandatory portfolio review to gain access to this programme and a limited numbers of places. It is very competitive to get into the programme, so make sure you have the required qualifications to this programme before applying.

  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Study mode: Full-time
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Location: Campus Copenhagen
  • Course Start: Mid January
  • Level: Advanced undergraduate 4th semester

Application deadline:  October 1

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Your benefits:

  • Strengthen yourself as a graphic designer who makes well-thought solutions based on research and knowledge of the users.
  • Be able to work with code as part of your creative toolbox.
  • Get information graphics as an integral part of your graphical toolbox.
  • Be able to design books or magazines to meet specific target audiences and editorial concepts.
  • Develop visual identities including manuals and considerations regarding implementation.
  • Become a part of an intense study environment with Danish and international students.

Programme structure:


Course 1: Editorial design: books or magazines (5 ECTS)
Students will know and understand the specifics of designing for the editorial based products books or magazines. The students will choose to work with either book or magazine assignments.

Course 2: Co-creation (5 ECTS)
(Common course between Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Photographic Communication and Creative Communication)
Students will learn, understand, and apply theory, related methods, activities, and principles associated with co-creation and co-design and their application in different contexts. Students will acquire knowledge of the elements involved in building up a net-based business such as crowdsourcing, for example. Additionally, during the course, students will address business strategy, positioning, product development, pricing methods, and the practical application of co-creation’s methods.

Course 3: Creative Code (5 ECTS)
Students will obtain a basic understanding of programming and the associated programmatic principles. Through hands on engagement with code as a creative medium, the students will explore how programming can extend visual/graphic ideas into self-contained interactive (semi-)autonomous design systems capable of producing multiple variants of an original visual/graphic form.

Course 4: Information Graphics (5 ECTS)
The student will know and understand the principles that are the basis of verbo-visual communication and know and use the most common methods for the production of graphics with verbo-visual information value (infographics).

Course 5: Visual Identity (5 ECTS)
Students will know, understand and be able to translate a branding strategy into an original visual identity that is relevant and creates value for an enterprise or organization. Furthermore, students will be able to develop a coherent, complex design program with many design parameters applicable for many diverse units and media.


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Learning environment
Learning-by-doing in a studio-based learning environment is central in the teaching. Presentations of theories and methods are followed by practical experiments and exercises.

Assignments are typically ‘real’ life flavoured and have relevance for your portfolio.

Class size is approx. 24 students. Classes are mixed with Danish and international students. You will work in groups or individually depending on the assignment.

You will get your own desk and a Macintosh computer with CS4 software during the time of your study. All software is supported by e-learning videos from


Requirements and tuition
To apply for the programme in Graphic Design you must have:

  • at least 1,5 years on a BA graphic design program
  • basic knowledge of graphic communication and design
  • a good command of the English language, both written and oral
  • a portfolio of graphic design examples
  • a good command of Adobe Creative Suite software (mainly InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop & AfterEffects).

You do NOT have to pay tuition fee if you are:

  • studying at one of our partner institutions

The tuition fee is 5200 € for this programme.

Download Study Guide: Graphic Design (PDF) TO BE UPDATED

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