Students' work

Selected productions made by international and Danish students attending the course Europe in the World.


Cyprus - The divided tourist paradise
Documentary about the Cyprus issue, by Thomas Pickelner, Sweden.

Immigration in Greece (2013) by Elin Larsson, Sweden (PDF) 

Religion in Serbia (2013) by Natalija Sako (PDF)

Euroviews Magazine
Euroviews is an online Magazine produced by participants of the Europe in the World programme. The project involves a two week travel period where the students plan, research and write articles from the areas of Europe they visit.

See the Euroviews website

Euroviews 2014: On the way to a new Europe
Peace, unification and economic development – That is what the European Union was built for. But what happened to the European story? Today, we only hear about conflict, crisis and euroscepticism. Therefore, we—17 young journalists—travelled to Germany, Bulgaria, Latvia and Portugal.



Euroviews 2013: "School System Sucks"
This magazine is full of stories about education. About students forced to prostitute themselves in order to finance their studies. About students left unprepared for adult life. About students still segregated in their schools after the end of a religious war. About highly educated people moving abroad in order to get a better future. To find these (and a lot more) stories we travelled to France, Finland, United Kingdom and Lithuania.


Euroviews 2012: Europeans in crisis
The 2012 issue of Euroviews investigates the Europeans’ reaction to the financial crisis, seen from Ireland, Estonia, Iceland and northern Italy - how people make their way through it.


Euroviews 2011: The Borders of Europe
The theme of 2011 Euroviews was 'The Borders of Europe' and the group of 16 students travelled to four separate border regions within the European Union.


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