Europe in the World

Duration: 1 year
Study mode and credits: Full-time, 60 ECTS. Honours level
Course Start: End  August
Location: Utrecht NL and Aarhus DK
Deadline for application: April 1



Understanding Europe through reading, writing, travelling and living in two European countries and cover European affairs with a world perspective in even more countries is what Europe in the World is all about.

The Utrecht part concentrates on Europe and the European Union: its politics, culture and identity, social economic structure and relevant policies and legislation. The Utrecht part of the programme provides you with the theoretical framework, contextualized within the journalism profession. In the practical workshop “Reporting Europe” all theory is translated into web based products that reflect the broad field of journalism and media. In Aarhus the focus of the programme changes, the perspective becomes wider: from Europe to the world. The position of Europe in the world will be discussed in various lectures and assignments with focus on foreign policy and euroreporting.

The course gets more practical as it goes on. After the lectures, generally in March, there is a travel period. During this period students practice their knowledge and understanding by collecting material in various European countries for the production of the multimedia website and magazine “EuroViews” that finalizes this practical period of European and world affairs. The programme ends with the main production of the course; the final exam project, whichis defended at an official oral exam. Students choose their own theme and media for the exam project.

On top of the Europe in the World certificate an honours level can be achieved, which results in an additional honours certificate in European journalism.
All courses have both bachelor and honours competences and requirements. In the final exam project all requirements are integrated.

Course aims
As a result of this semester you can achieve the following:

  • The course aims to provide grounding in politics, economics and society at the European level with a view to the wider world
  • The emphasis is on providing: the background knowledge necessary, the tools you must have to become capable journalists and the challenges that allow you to grow personally, intellectually and professionally
  • Students will be well prepared for persuing a carreer in foreign reporting through hands-on experience in reporting from 5-7 different countries during the course, individually and as teams, under guidance from experienced journalists.

Utrecht: August – January

UtrechtViews introduction –
European Economy and Law 5 ECTS
European Politics and Law 5 ECTS
Sustainable Development in European Regions 5 ECTS
Culture and Identity 5 ECTS
Reporting Europe (incl. media and journalism) 10 ECTS
English Writing and Editing -

Total ECTS Utrecht 30 ECTS

Aarhus: January - June

DaneViews – Introduction – EuroViews 10 ECTS
Foreign Policy – World politics 10 ECTS
Final exam project and honours assessment 10 ECTS

Total ECTS Aarhus 30 ECTS


Advanced undergraduate. Last year BA or BA honours journalism students.

We offer about 20 places for international students, mainly partner institutions of DMJX, and 4–6 places for 4th year journalism students of DMJX, who graduate with this programme.

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Students applying for the one-year Europe in the world program (six months at Hogeschool Utrecht and six months at DMJX) 
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