EMC² European Media Cloud Campus

There are ongoing and even disruptive changes in the media industry caused by the meta trends of convergence and digitization. Young media professionals, as our students are, face a volatile professional environment with new customer demands, new competitors, new business models, and new ways of multiplatform content production. They have to fit into new professional roles, still being content producers and gatekeepers, but additionally becoming content curators dealing with user-generated content in vibrant and powerful online social networks.

Digitization opens a lot of opportunities for remote collaboration and across borders in a creative and efficient way. Therefore, the main goal of our strategic partnership is to build up the European Media Cloud Campus (EMC2).

The cloud campus will:

  • allow digital collaboration,
  • establish an environment for co-creation,
  • and build up a framework for open innovation in content production.

We want to establish a digital infrastructure which all the five partners can use to produce different kinds of content together based on various cloud services. In our project we will focus on the creative industries. The unique and sustainable characteristics of this environment are that students collaborate remotely on running an online magazine covering innovations in the creative industries.

At the final stage of the project we’ll offer an integrated digital, cloud-based production environment to all of the partners and to other actors in higher education. They will all benefit enormously from the tools and the knowledge developed in the project and will hardly need to build up and maintain own ICT-infrastructure for collaborative content projects across borders for themselves.

Partners are:

  • HdM Stuttgart, Germany
  • Oslo University College, Norway
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Bilgi University, Turkey
  • Danish School of Media and Journalism.

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