How much money will I need?

The average costs for studying one semester at Danish School of Media and Journalism

Housing via the international office
Rent for a semester (6 months): approx. 15000 DKK (2030 Euro).

Aarhus: 3 months deposit (refundable according to the state of your room after you leave  Aarhus): 7000-8000 DKK= (1000-1100 Euro)

Living costs in Denmark
24000 DKK (3200 Euro), 4000 DKK per month.

Study trips
Approx. 3000 DKK (400 Euro).

Books and teaching materials
Approx. 500 DKK (70 Euro).

Please see the course description for teaching material and research trips. 

You are supposed to bring your own smart phone and computer



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