NB: This bachelor programme is taught in Danish

Level: Advanced undergraduate
Duration: 4 years
Internship: 18 months
Entrance examination: Yes
Applicants annually: approx. 1200
Admissions annually: approx. 250

Study purpose
The purpose of the journalism bachelor programme is to qualify students to independently organize, implement and assure the quality of journalism within the media market and thereby to actively help to develop journalism and the media.

The journalism bachelor programme provides the students with:

  • Ability to handle the entire journalistic work process and to find journalistic issues, develop ideas, research, analyse, coach, interview and communicate to a given audience. All this within a given timeframe.
  • Knowledge about society so they are able to judge what is relevant, and know where and how to seek more knowledge.
  • Knowledge of the legal and ethical frameworks for journalism, of theories and methodologies, and of terms of art and reflexive processes.
  • Tools to develop and apply a critical understanding of the profession and practice, and the ability to engage in public debate on journalism issues.

The profession demands that students possess good judgement, critical and analytical skills, a sense of responsibility, empathy, courage, perseverance, creativity, integrity, curiosity, diligence, and an open mind.

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