Graphic Design

NB: This bachelor programme is taught in Danish

Level: Advanced undergraduate
Duration: 3 years
Internship: 1 semester
Entrance examination: Yes
Applicants annually: approx. 400
Admissions annually: approx. 20

Bachelor of Visual Communication, Graphic Design
Graphic Design is a specialization of the Bachelor of Visual Communication.

The Bachelor in Visual Communication is a professional degree, which aims to qualify the graduate to independently solve problems, develop concepts and to undertake design and communication assignments across the media industry within the field of Visual Communications.

The goal is employment within the media industry or the establishment of a business.

Students in Graphic Design master tools associated with issues related to Graphic Communications. The focus is on graphic creativity and visual aesthetics, research-based graphic design, visual concepts and insight into production processes.

The specialization in Graphic Design is organized in the following core areas:

  • Graphic design and design for print and digital publishing
  • Software design processes, optical machining, pre-media processes, push technology
  • Concept of complex graphic design assignments, user-oriented design, idea generation and graphic design as problem-solving communication tasks
  • Graphic concept development, visual research, graphic rhetoric
  • Advanced style and fontdesign, visual identity and branding, editorial design / periodicals, research-based graphic design, graphic design for multiple media, packaging design


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