NB: This bachelor programme is taught in Danish

Level: Advanced undergraduate
Duration: 3½ years
Internship: 12 months
Entrance examination: No
Applicants annually: approx. 250
Admissions annually: approx. 50

Study purpose
The Communication bachelor programme will qualify students to independently perform communication tasks, from the identification and analysis of communication needs, to the development of solutions, which they will produce and disseminate to relevant media platforms in the public and private sector, and through non-profit work.

The Communication bachelor programme will enable students to:

  • Handle the entire process behind a given communication task, from identifying a specific communication need, to identifying target audiences and analysing stakeholders, developing solutions and undertaking the communication task on relevant media platforms and within a given economic framework.
  • Understand communication as an element of strategic management and to utilise their knowledge of cultural analysis and organizational issues related to communications.
  • Use journalistic work methods, both for research and for communication tasks.
  • Engage in, and manage projects, and handle interdisciplinary collaboration both within the company/organization and with partners.
  • Contribute to the development of the profession and to the interaction between organizations, businesses and society in general.


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