Approval of Internship Organisations

Internships are an important part of learning at all bachelor programmes at DMJX. All Internship Organisations must be approved by the school.

Below is the approval procedure for the following study programmes:

Visual Communication including:

If you are looking for information on internships for Photojournalism, Journalism, or TV and Media Production, please go to

Internship Organisations

In order to be approved as an Internship Organisation for a DMJX-student in one of the three bachelor programmes listed above, all organisations or businesses must:

  1. have at least one employee trained within the relevant profession on the permanent staff
  2. offer relevant tasks, developing the competences that the intern should obtain during the internship, professional as well as personal
  3. appoint an Internship Supervisor with the competences and time needed to ensure that the intern gains the insights specified in the Learning Agreement

The Internship Coordinator at the relevant study programme is responsible for approving the Internship Organisation. The approval is based on an assessment of the Organisation’s professionalism and capacity concerning workload, turnover, and supervisional and managerial resources.                                                                                                                                  

Students may not be interns in an organisation or business owned by themselves.

The internship

In order to ensure the proper framework for the internship the following papers must be filled out:

Internship Agreement
The Internship Organisation as well as the intern must sign an Internship Agreement specifying the terms and conditions for the internship. When the school receives the signed Internship Agreement along with an individual Learning Agreement, the Internship Organisation will receive an email confirming the approval of that specific internship.

Internships under the Media Production and Management programme as well as the Visual Communication programmes must use this Internship Agreement (PDF).

Internships under the Communication programme is advised to use the Internship Agreement.

If the Internship Organisation choses to use a different document, it is the responsibility of the Internship Organisation and the intern to ensure that no less than those requirements mentioned in the DMJX Internship Agreement are met.

Learning Agreement
Together, the Internship Organisation and the intern must fill out an individual Learning Agreement specifying the tasks to be carried out and the competences to be acquired during the internship.

This Learning Agreement will be used by the Internship Supervisor throughout the internship and may be adjusted on a regular basis but it is important that any adjustments do not diminish the focus on the learning insights to be gained by the internship.

The Learning Agreement (PDF)

Internship Certificate
At the end of the internship, the Internship Organisation must fill out an Internship Certificate verifying that the intern has completed the internship. This Internship Certificate must be emailed to the intern who is responsible for uploading it to the school.

The Internship Certificate (PDF)

Other documents
In case the intern wishes to include confidential information from the Internship Organisation in the written assignment following the internship, the Internship Organisation may ask for non-disclosure. The Intern as well as the Internship Supervisor may sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (PDF).

This confidentiality will include the programme’s Internship Coordinator as well as internal and external examiners at the final exam.

About the internship

The Communication Programme

  • Two terms of internship with a duration of six months each
  • The internships may be during either the spring or the fall semester, either from 1 February to 31 July or 1 August to 31 January
  • The first term of internship is following the second semester i.e­. one year of school
  • The second term of internship is following the fifth semester i.e. two and a half years of school
  • The first term of internship is unpaid while the second term is paid

Internship Coordinator: Ole Rasmussen

Study Coordinators:

First term of internship: Trine Obel Koch

Second term of internship: Henriette Hansen 

The Media Production and Management Programme

  • Six months of internship following two years of school
  • The internship is in the fall semester
  • The internship is unpaid

Internship Coordinator: Suzi Lyng Hansen

Study Coordinator: Henriette Linneberg

The Visual Communication Programme

  • Four to five months of internship following two years of school
  • An internship begins in the end of October and ends in the beginning of March
  • The internship may be divided between two Internship Organisations
  • An internship is unpaid

Internship Coordinators:

Study Coordinator: Cathrina Ferreira


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