Knowledge and innovation

We generate new knowledge and develops the media area in collaboration with the Danish media and communications sector.

In addition to providing further education programmes which meet the need for a qualified labour force, an element of the legal basis of the Danish School of Media and Journalism is to provide the media branch with the latest knowledge on all aspects of media communication and production and to act as a well-qualified partner.
This is done through a great number of research and development activities which the Danish School of Media and Journalism undertakes in collaboration with the media industry.

Media law, language, economics, philosophy, digital media and Danish and international politics are just some of the areas within which the Danish School of Media and Journalism conducts research. Some of the research is conducted in cooperation with other Danish education and research institutions and private organizations.

Research results are published as articles in periodicals but are also promulgated in books and articles – both in print and online. This includes an online database which provides answers to legal questions on the media, journalism and communications.

Analysis and development projects
The Danish School of Media and Journalism has a close cooperation with the media industry and participates in a number of projects that contribute to meeting the need for new knowledge and to the development of media businesses, organizations, and employees.

The results of analysis and development projects are propagated in books, reports, lectures, conferences and articles on websites and in various print publications.

Consultancy and advisory work
The Danish School of Media and Journalism offers consultancy services to meet the concrete needs of media enterprises for advice in journalism, design, technology, finance, strategy, and media production.

Enterprises can either have a consultant assigned from the Danish School of Media and Journalism to undertake an individual assignment, or the consultant can be assigned for a longer period to continuously follow up on a number of fixed goals which the enterprise wishes to attain.

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