Continuing education

We provide a large spectrum of further education courses to the Danish media industry in the field of journalism, design and communication.

In the field of continuing education the Danish School of Media and Journalism:

  • Is the largest provider of journalistic competency development in Scandinavia
  • Provides more than 100 qualifying and training courses, conferences, etc. each semester
  • Teaches more than 1300 course participants and students each semester
  • Offers courses in both Copenhagen and Aarhus

Degrees and courses
Danish School of Media and Journalism develops and provides a wide range of degrees and courses to support the training needs of the Danish media and communications sector.

  • Diploma Programmes for both experienced journalists and communicators and for those who want to learn the journalistic trade from the bottom.
  • 75+ shorter training courses for experienced journalists and media workers each semester.
  • Tailored courses with in-house training for companies with specific needs.
  • Customised programmes, for example, introduction courses for young people who want to be in the media business, and qualifying courses for the unemployed.

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