Europe and the press: Media responsibility in the light of Brexit (No seats left)

How well did British press cover the Brexit referendum? And what are the challenges in Denmark in covering EU news in 2017? Free conference february 21.

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NOTE: As of 9 February 2017 there are no seats left for the conference.

It's possible to sign up for the waiting list, and you'll be contacted if seats become available:

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Why does media coverage of EU matter?
Several reports confirm that British news coverage of the Brexit referendum campaign was distorted to an extent that took most media researchers by surprise.

Why this distortion? What are the lessons to be learned? What is the resposibility of the media towards the EU? And what are the general challenges of the EU coverage faced by the media?

Free conference
This event brings together journalists, editors, scholars and stakeholders to reflect on EU coverage and media responsibility in the light of Brexit.

Tuesday, 21/02/2017

12:30 – 16:00

Danish School of Media and Journalism (TV auditorium)
Olof Palmes Allé 11
8200 Aarhus


  • David Deacon, (Professor of Communication and Media Analysis, Loughborough University)
  • Stine Bosse, (Danish businesswoman, chairman of the Danish European Movement)
  • Søren Wormslev, (Nordjyske) 
  • Anna Libak, (designated Editor in Chief, Berlingske Tidende)
  • John Frølich (Associate professor, Danish School of Media- and Journalism)

The conference will address the following main questions:

  • Was press reporting of the Brexit referendum campaign in the UK fair?
  • Did Leave and Remain get equal and due coverage?
  • How has the British press covered and framed the EU in the past 40 years?
  • How well does the Danish media cover the EU? Eg the Danish EU opt-out referendum, December 2015
  • What are the challenges in reporting EU news?
  • Does media have a responsibility to inform when covering the EU?

There will be served sandwiches before the conference, and there's an opportunity for a glass of wine and some networking afterwards.


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