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Lektor Ass professor TV-journalism

Afdeling: Viden og innovation
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Multimedia Journalism and TV-journalism



Current Position: Ass. Professor

2006 – present   Academic at DSMJ

2010                  One semester position (Lecturer) at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

2000 – 2005       Academic at University of Stavanger and Bodø University College, Norway

1983 – 2000       Engineer, producer, director and journalist at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

2000 – 20009    Guest lecturer: Greenland School of Journalism, Nuuk, University of Latvia, Riga, University of Technology, Sydney, University of CEU San Pablo-Madrid, Spain, College of Media, Denmark.


2012 -   2015     PhD-studies, Aalborg University

1998 – 2000    Master of Philosophy in Screenwriting, University of Bergen, Norway

1986  - 1989    Candidata magisterii (Mass communication, Visual communication, Mass culture and Folk culture) University of Bergen, Norway

1981 – 1983    Program engineer, NRK, Norway

Professional media experience
1995 – 2002    Investigative reporter and editor NRK

1991 – 1994    Group Manager NRK

1989 – 1991    Producer, director and journalist NRK  

1983 – 1989    Camera operator, video-editor NRK and freelance TV-journalist and producer NRK

Current teaching:
Undergraduate:   Multimedia Journalims and  TV-journalism, Current affairs storytelling and journalistic methodology
Postgraduate:    Multimedia Journalism and TV-journalism, Current affairs storytelling and journalistic methodology

Previous teaching:
Undergraduate:    TV-journalism, TV-aesthetic, CAR (Computer Assisted Reporting) journalism ethics, theory and practices of journalistic interview and journalistic methodology, investigative journalism, development of manuscript.

Current research interests:
• Public Service TV, challenges and traditions
• Multimedia journalism and visual storytelling  
• TV aesthetic and visual grammar
• Investigative journalism and Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR)

Committees and boards

2008/2009    I represent the Danish School of Media and Journalism in “Interlinks 10”, a network for Nordic and Baltic academic journalism institutions.

2005/2006    Danish School of Media and Journalism, commitee member of Committee of journalism education reform

2002/2003    Board member of SKUP (The Norwegian foundation for investigative journalism)

2002/2003    Bodø University College, Center of Journalism, Chairwoman of Media Center Committee and board member Committee of Master Developments and Committee of Journalism Education Reform

2000/2001     Chairwoman of Bergens Presseforening ( Bergen Foundation of the Press)



2011     Oslo University College, Norway, Commision for employing Associate Professor   TV-journalism

2005     University of Stavanger, Norway, Commission of employing Associate Professor of TV-production

2005    Bodø University College, Norway, Commission of employing Associate Professor of Radio-journalism

2006     University of Stavanger, Norway, Commission of promoting to Ass. Professor.

2004    University College of North Trøndelag, Commission of employing Associate Professor

2004    Bodø University College, Norway, Commission of employing Associate Professor of media language.

2004    Bodø University College, Norway, Commission of employing Associate Professor of TV- and Radio-journalism

2002    Lillehammer University College, Norway, Commission of promoting to Ass. Professor.

2002     University of Stavanger, Norway, Commission of promoting to Ass. Professor.

2001/2005     Engaged as external examiner at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Bodø University College, University of Stavanger and Adult Education Association, Norway


1985/2000    Feature- documentary and radio-drama
Management – something for me?
Management in NRK
Efficient oral communication
Technique of negotiations
Research and ethics
Narration, diction and delivery
Advanced interview technique
Brussels, creating the framework
Characterisation and storytelling
Final Cut Pro
Writing for Web


2015   Normedia Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014   JEANZ-conference in New Zealand. 

2014  South Pacific Journalism Journal- conference, Auckland New Zealand

2014 ECREA-journalism section conference, Tessaloniki, Greece.

2013 Nordic media researchers Conference, Norway

2012  Nordic Journalism educator’s convention, Tampere, Finland

2009  Nordic media researchers Conference, Sweden

2009    Public Service Broadcasting in Denmark

2008    Future of Journalism Conference, Sydney, Australia

2008    Global Investigative Journalism Conference, Lillehammer, Norway

2008    Nordic journalism educator’s conference, Denmark
Head of session: “Public service” I delivered a presentation of result from a research project

2006    Nordic journalism educator’s conference, Norway
Head of session “TV-educators toolbox”

2004    Nordic journalism educator’s conference, Iceland
Head of session “ TV-lecturing and development of curricula”

2003    Nordic journalism educator’s conference, Finland
Head of session “TV-stories – and categorization”

2001     Nordic journalism educator’s conference    , Sweden
Head of session “TV-journalism and methodology”

2002    Nordic media researchers Conference, Norway

2001     Nordic media researchers Conference, Iceland

1998 - 2006    SKUP-conference, Norway - yearly
Board member and organiser, session leader

Journalism and media productions

2008    Skimagasinet (DK4, national TV)
Producer, director, video-journalist and offline-editor.
4 programs of 28 minutes about activities in the white world of snow

1996 – 2002    Investigative documentaries (Norwegian Broadcasting Corperation, national TV)

2002 Overvåket av staten 2 x 28 minutes. (Surveyed by the state)
Reporter and director.
The Norwegian secret police illegally surveyed Norwegian citizens for over 40 years. When the archives were opened many people got a big surprise. The documentary reveals the illegal activity of the secret police.

2001 Lykkebarnet 28 minutes (Happy child)
Reporter and director.
A single Norwegian woman struggled for 4 years to get permission to adopt a child from China. When she got the license I followed her under cover to China and revealed a moving story.
Sold to Swedish National TV, Danish National TV and Finish National TV

1999 Tilgivelsens pris 2 x 28 minutes (The price of forgiveness)
Reporter and co-director.
Sexual molestation in Christian societies in Norway is exposed through 6 serious cases involving the most prestigious and powerful Christian organizations and churches.
Sold to Swedish National TV and Danish National TV

1999 Utro-skap 28 minutes (Adultery)
Reporter and director.
The documentary exposes the thoughts and argumentation of men and women who commit adultery.

1998 Diagnosen 28 minutes (The diagnosis)
Reporter and director.
After a car accident a women is fighting with the insurance company to get compensation. But it is not only the insurance company that turns out be difficult to handle, she finds disturbing papers in the municipality’s files.
Sold to Swedish national TV and Scandinavian Channel USA

1997 Siste sjangse 28 minutes (The last chance)
Reporter and director.
Pourin has been convicted for murder, but new evidence offers him a new trial. Will he be acquitted? The documentary reveals the unsatisfactory investigation of the police.
Sold to Swedish National TV, Danish National TV and Finish National TV

1997 Rust 28 minutes (Rust)
Reporter and director.
A bulk ship sinks close to the Norwegian coastline. 20 polish seamen died and tons of thick oil reached the Norwegian cost. The documentary reveals the opaque business of modern shipping.

1997 Kraften er vår  28 minutes (The energy is ours)
Reporter and director.
The documentary reveals consequences and future perspectives of deregulation of the Nordic energy marked

1996 Dødsengelen 28 minutes (Angel of death)
A Norwegian nurse is charged for killing 40 people in an old people’s home and imprisoned for 6 months. She was acquitted of all charges. The documentary reveals the story of this woman and confronts the officials involved

1996 Kvifor døydde min son?  28 minutes (Why did my sin die?)
A young asylum seeker is put to prison for no reason. After 6 months he sets his cell to fire and dies in the fire. The documentary investigates how the Norwegian court misused the law and how human rights are violated.

1996 Bortført til Brasil 28 minutes (Kidnapped to Brazil)
Reporter and director.
An eight year old child is kidnapped to Brazil by her mother. The mother is later sentenced for one year in Norway, but the child is still in Brazil. The child’s father goes to Brazil and tries to find her.

1996 Prolaps i trygdekarusellen 28 minutes (Prolapse in social security)
Norwegian health care system could not help, so she went to Sweden for surgery – now she has to pay the bill herself. The documentary reveals how bureaucracy work against the benefit of the citizens.

1996 Raskere, høyere, sterkere 28 minutes (Faster, higher, stronger)
The documentary documented the darker side of the Olympic slogan “Faster, higher, stronger” and how it influences the athletes.

1989 – 1996     Other programs (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, national TV)

4 portraits of 4 newsworthy characters (4x 20 minutes)

3 programs about religion and beliefs (4 x 20 minutes)
Producer and director

4 programs from the “Bergen festival week” (4 x 28 minutes)
ENG-producer and director

4 programs about psychiatry (25 minutes)

Morning show (one season)
ENG-producer and reporter

Norge rundt (weekly Friday primetime TV-show)
Producer and reporter
Slow-motion  ORTO (host broadcaster), Olympic Games Lillehammer

Producer daily news-show.

2002 – 2007    Informational Web-films
Hjelp – mine børn vil med på ski
Golf – tips
Widerøe Flyveselskab

1986 Prix Italy with “Gud er ingen myk mann” (Radio documentary)

1999           Prix Italy with Tilgivelsen pris (TV-documentary)

1999              Input with Tilgivelsens pris (TV-documentary)

Awards    National SKUP-diploma 1999 for investigative journalism
          Tilgivelsens pris 1 and 2 (TV-documentary)



Informationsorienteret caseudvælgelse og den usædvanlige nyhedshistorie. I Seletion (red. Jørgensgaard og Jessen, Systime, 2015)

TV-journalistikkens ABC
(Kartveit, Kate (2006). IJ-forlaget)

Når nyheder bliver til – på DR og TV2,
(Red: Karveit, Kate, Flemming Svith and Hans-Henrik Holm (2008) Forlaget Ajour)

Journalism teaching and experiential learning. In: Journalism research, Vilnius University, Lithuania. Red: Andrius Vaisnys


Hvad er (god) public service-journalistik? Hans-Henrik Holm, Kate Kartveit and Flemming Svith I: Public Service  - i praksis og I fremtiden, Erik Nordahl Svendsen (red) Forlaget Ajour 2010


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